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Enablement content helps Silver Peak generate incremental revenue in the millions


Lack of leads for a path-breaking solution

Silver Peak is the world’s leading provider of Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions. However, in the very early days of SD-WAN, before the field really gained traction, there wasn’t a clear market leader. Players in the field were still figuring out how to fit all the pieces together for optimal performance, and prospective customers keenly watched on to observe the developments.

It wasn’t long before Silver Peak arrived at the perfect formula for their SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect. When they did, though, it wasn’t the end of their troubles; they soon found that in spite of their great product, generation of leads didn’t match their expectations and prospect interest was low.

Naturally, resolving the issue became a matter of high priority. It was at this point that Silver Peak turned to Regalix.


Awareness is the need of the hour

We quickly recognized that Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect solution was a winner, but there was a hurdle to be cleared before prospects came to the same conclusion. A study of the prospects, conducted jointly with Silver Peak, revealed that the solution required some explanation to consumers before it could be fully understood, as they were unfamiliar with the relatively new space. Without a firm grasp on its concepts and working, it was impossible for the uninitiated to comprehend its implications and benefits.

Being a rather technical solution, it was imperative that the prospects be engaged and have a great experience while being educated about it. Also, considering the fact that Silver Peak heavily utilizes the partner marketing channel to bring in leads, the method of education had to be self-sufficient, repeatable and scalable. Only then would channel partners understand the offering and prospects reach a level of interest that prompts genuine consideration about purchasing the solution.

Having concluded the study, and with a full appreciation of the presented task’s scope, our experts proposed a number of options, including a series of on-demand webinars, video campaigns and product guides. After much debate, we zeroed in on the winning strategy — self-serve, interactive content hosted on Sharedemos, Regalix’s proprietary enablement content platform.


Engaging, self-paced learning

ShareDemos, being an easy-to-use, self-serve platform, enabled Silver Peak to quickly and painlessly create educational collaterals relevant to Unity EdgeConnect. Its versatility in terms of supported formats proved to be an important piece of the solution, as it allowed Silver Peak to repurpose and leverage a lot of their existing content. This helped save significant amounts of time and effort.

Our product adoption team then created a variety of collaterals to address the remaining content gaps — videos, notes, webinars and, most importantly, interactive walkthroughs — which, in addition to the existing content, would form a comprehensive repository of self-serve support material around every aspect of the Unity EdgeConnect solution. This whole repository was hosted on Sharedemos, which, as a cloud-based platform, offers anytime, anywhere access on any device.

The interactive walkthrough format, which is unique to Sharedemos, was particularly important for a number of reasons, one of which was that it garnered substantial engagement from consumers. It also allowed each user to learn how to navigate the Unity EdgeConnect user interface at their own pace. This ensured that demo completion rates were high, and prospects and channel partners alike were adequately informed about the solution to fully grasp its implications and benefits.

Sharedemos was a great fit for the circumstances — it checked all the criteria we identified as necessary during our analysis: self-sufficient, repeatable and scalable. With the platform at their disposal, prospects could familiarize themselves with Unity EdgeConnect at their convenience.
The fact that it provided immediate, interactive engagement with leads led to better sales interactions, because they were already informed about and interested in Unity EdgeConnect before sales conversations began.


More sales, and quicker

With prospects educating themselves and realizing the benefits of Silver Peak’s solution first-hand, they were much more receptive to being sold to. In a sense, Sharedemos encouraged prospects to sell themselves on the solution, which resulted in shorter sales cycles and improved conversion rates for Unity EdgeConnect. This, in turn, generated incremental revenue in the millions of dollars for Silver Peak.

“We can point to millions of dollars in revenue that have been generated with a first-touch contact through ShareDemos”

-Derek Granath, VP of Product Marketing, Silver Peak Systems