Cruiser customizing defies market trend with an analytics-driven approach



Cruiser Customizing, with an expansive catalog of over twenty thousand, is a leader in the niche market for custom superbike accessories. However, even they couldn’t escape the effects of the automotive market recession; sales and growth slowed down. With the uphill battle of reinvigorating growth in a decelerating market at hand, Cruiser Customizing engaged with Regalix.


Regalix applied a scientific approach to the issue. We understood that in a website that saw 4-5% conversion rate, even a half percentage point improvement would be a big win. After studying what elements of a website have the maximum effect on conversions, we tried out various combinations to determine which set of elements ensured customers put better loads in the checkout cart. Scores of combinations were evaluated so as to get a better understanding of what worked better. There were over a dozen variants of the call to action button alone, with action words such as the straightforward “checkout”, the convenience-centric “check-out is easy” and even the instructional “click to buy”.


Post analysis, the ideal combination of elements was incorporated into the website. The results exceeded expectations. Regalix, through a scientific approach, defied the market trend – Cruiser Customizing’s revenues beat market forecasts by 20%.

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