Correct attribution of spends leads to an increase in advertising revenue



The world’s largest search engine observed an alarming trend: many of their small ad spenders would withdraw from the AdWords program soon after starting. Since the long tail of small spenders (incidentally, with the largest potential to grow) contributed to a big chunk of their overall revenues, the problem was too large to be ignored.

The problem was attributed to the advertisers’ not being able to track the ROI of their spend; after running the campaigns for some time the advertisers would switch them off. This was due to their lack of understanding of how to implement the tracking codes, which in turn was due to nonavailability of tech resources, or complexity of the web technology they had implemented--some homegrown CMS, a complex e-commerce solution, or some such. Helping each customer individually, on their own, was just not financially feasible for our client.


In partnership with our client, Regalix identified an efficient process to support live, the long tail of small spenders. The backbone of the process was a knowledge management system that all the support professionals (CSMs) could access quickly, and, most importantly, edit - to put down their learnings for future reference. The CSMs, with help of the reference, were able to implement tracking codes for a vast majority of the customer and their unique web technologies.

The implementation spanned all English-speaking markets, along with Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Spanish (Europe and Latin America), Italian, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish speaking advertisers across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAS regions.


Through this implementation Regalix was able to help hundreds of thousands of the client’s customers, at a quarter-on-quarter reducing effort of implementation. Needless to say, this helped improve our client’s revenue from this segment of customers.

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