Consultative Approach Results in Higher Revenues for Google


Google’s Happy Problem. The increase of people using digital media and platforms, coupled with hundreds of thousands of small businesses joining Google’s advertising platform (AdWords) in search of new touchpoints, meant that Google had a problem - optimal servicing of these new businesses (customers to Google) was lacking. As a result, the recently-acquired businesses were not getting the most out of their Google platform subscription, and could either abandon their subscription, or reduce spend. Additionally, Google had no mechanism in place to help the AdWords customers get more out of their Google ad campaigns.


Enter Regalix. After studying both usage and spend patterns, Regalix identified the channels of communication—phone and email—and frequency of touch points with the businesses. Through a series of consultative sessions, the businesses were educated on how best to manage their existing campaigns. Another key factor in the program was talking to the ‘right’ business/advertiser—someone who could really benefit from the advice. This was accomplished by advanced segmentation of the advertiser base, using parameters such as last usage, spend levels, ROI, etc. A team of over 250 trained experts operating from Hyderabad, India was set up, catering to customers in the United States, Canada, UK, South Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Australia.


The result was a visible increase in revenue for Google from the new businesses, a greater than 95% customer satisfaction score (CSAT), and a churn of less than 3%. The success of the program lead to Google investing further into languages other than English.

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