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CA Nimsoft’s digital marketing campaign: Cutting spends and boosting results


Mainframe player, CA Technologies, had adopted an inorganic growth strategy, acquiring businesses in allied areas. One such acquisition was that of an IT application monitoring company, Nimsoft, which extended CA’s reach to the mid-range segment. But soon after, CA Nimsoft’s marketing ROI slipped as the integrated marketing and sales processes of the merged entity still needed streamlining. That’s when Regalix was approached to improve marketing efficiencies.


On analysis, Regalix found that there was a need to go beyond generating leads, the only aspect Nimsoft had been focusing on. Capturing, nurturing, scoring, and qualifying the leads until the point of handoff to sales was identified to be the way forward. Regalix automated the lead management process and set up dashboards with multi-level granularity. CA Nimsoft’s well researched tech publications were re-purposed to develop quizzes, podcasts, videos, datasheets, whitepapers, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and checklists. Regalix created documents to be deployed across mobile and online channels channels—including Twitter, LinkedIn, and industry-related blogs—helping prospects through each stage of the buying cycle. The content formats were aimed at stirring a lead’s interest or providing preliminary information, helping prospects evaluate options, examine technologies, or justify purchases. The lead management software also had smart features built in, which triggered emails and calls with the right based on actions taken by the prospects.


The efforts cut CA Nimsoft’s media and search marketing spends by 50%, and increased conversions by 15%, laying the foundation for a lasting business relationship between Regalix and CA.