Automation of Google product listing ad creation saves time and brings scalability



Google’s advertising platform initially offered only text ads. But as competition from other e-com players grew, they began to offer product listing ads, which used images along with text. But Google encountered a problem: about 60% of their SMB clients had no access to a content management system. It meant that a data feed comprising of as many as 13 attributes for each product advertised had to be created manually. Google needed help and fast. Regalix was tasked with the creation of these data feeds, and the target given was to upload 40% of each client’s product inventory. Creating the data feeds was highly time-consuming. We found that it took us at least 56 hours to complete a single feed. This was neither efficient nor scalable.


Regalix realized that automation was the only way forward and developed ‘MaxCart’. It combined a browser plugin and a web crawler. MaxCart could pull the relevant product information from the advertiser’s website and generate feeds for all the customer’s products. It was a tool that demanded no customer intervention or changes to their website. Powered by MaxCart, now Regalix could process all 100% of a client’s inventory and the time taken reduced from 56 hours to 8 hours. We are in the process of developing MaxCart v2.0, which provides a dynamic feed, and any change in product details on the customer’s website will now automatically be reflected in the product listing ads.


MaxCart saves time and brings scalability to the process of getting the product listing ads up. More products can now be effortlessly uploaded and sold, consequently increasing Google’s ad revenue.

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