A unique font of virtualization know-how

VMware’s knowledge portal offers full-range, personalized virtualization content

vmkp_CS_imageThe world’s top seeder in virtualization expanded its vision from creating pioneering tech pubs to developing highly personalized content for customers, VARs, engineers, and business development teams. This led to VMware and Regalix building the VMware knowledge portal as a free, always-open virtualization supermarket you could carry around with you.

VMware is the world’s go-to for virtualization. The organization has the best minds churning out meticulously researched publications that delve deep into the subject, scan the landscape, and predict how tomorrow will look like.

And just in case you’re thinking geeky, we’ll have you know that this thought leadership seeds business, operations, and entry-level content on G+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Blogger. It’s consumed by VMware customers, channel partners, sales engineers, and marketing teams, not to forget common users in the public domain, too.

VMware’s free knowledge portal

It’s the VMware knowledge portal (VMKP).

You can download the app on iTunes or Android for free overviews, feature walkthroughs, demos, setup, installation and troubleshooting guides, whitepapers, blog posts, and interactive posters wherever you are. You can flip formats – from watch, to listen, to read mode – with mere screen swipes.

VMware betaed VMKP with customers, partners, and employees in Spring 2013. It was a roaring success that wowed many with info-rich content that the Net stored nowhere else.

Before VMKP, VMware’s strategic tech pubs had been strewn across the organization. Each document existed in multiple versions. Sometimes, even VMware didn’t know the wealth of knowledge it had captured. Preparing for roadshows, seminars, and media events, VMware executives and managers alike would fire volleys of email all around to get hold of the right document on time.

A watershed happening

But the VMKP changed all that.

The KP first went public on VMworld 2013’s 300-exhibitor Solutions Exchange floor, where up to 40,000 visitors were milling around at any given point. It was the backbone of VMware’s large touchscreen tech demos, the signature tech bar, and the company’s theater presentations.

Without missing a beat, thanks to VMKP, VMware sales and marketing people tapped and talked to customers at kiosk after kiosk at VMworld 2013, charged up that the presentation infrastructure worked like a dream. Beamed a salesperson: “We downloaded datasheets, videos, product literature, and walkthroughs without losing a moment’s eye contact with prospects!”

The VMKP covers the software defined data center, compute virtualization, networking and security, storage and availability, and management and automation.

The content is pre-digested and personalized for a range of use models – customer, reseller, engineer, technologist, and researcher. Navigation is easy. The GUI is clean and efficient. The service is cloud-based.

And Regalix, which built the VMKP infrastructure and developed the content, has a gleam in the eye. Like when a young father’s informed that both mother and newborn babe are doing just fine.



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