Tap-tap and data center infrastructure

NetApp’s Efficiency Blueprint is fun for data center managers to work with

Netapp_2Data center managers looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure have traditionally done loads of homework before freezing on a VAR or vendor from a long list of contenders. Now they needn’t. NetApp’s easy-to-use, one-stop, information-rich Efficiency Blueprint for enterprise data storage takes the sweat out of the buying process.

How do data center managers go about buying their IT infrastructure? (Forget NetApp customers, for a moment.) They work backwards from hard deadlines, downloading whitepapers from trusted websites, gathering operations data in-house. They catch colleagues (or consultant buddies) over coffee conversations. They shoot off emails to VARs.

Storage buying criteria

Storage buyers tend to prioritize criteria like features and functions, technical support, and the vendor’s market leadership over price. Often the deciding factors are capacity, scalability, performance, reliability, recovery, security, and manageability.

In short: storage efficiency.

Data center managers also use other important criteria to decide what to choose. IT purchasing looks not only at the hardware boxes but also at how the whole technology stack – applications, platforms, infrastructure, and data center – fits together to do the job that the business, as a whole, set out to do.

Thus, a data center manager ends up with get-new-storage-infrastructure ‘to do’s to tick off and a bunch of vendors and scores of VARs to shortlist.

Which translates into days of work.

That’s why NetApp and Regalix decided to do something about it.

Point-and-click visual data

What the duo did was create an interactive data architecture Efficiency Blueprint diagram that can be viewed on tablets, smart phones, and laptops. The diagram shows a data center in its as-is and to-be configurations.

With one click, you can augment the configuration in steps, from a Typical IT default configuration to an intermediate-efficiency state (by clicking an Improve Efficiency button) or a maximum-efficiency state (by clicking a Maximize Efficiency button).

The configuration you choose shows you the technology components to add or replace.

Rich information on your device

Clicking another button takes you to a page with all sorts of information about a given tool. You can browse a tool overview, download a datasheet, whitepaper or FAQ featuring the tool, read customer stories, and explore related products and technologies.

You can use inbuilt efficiency calculators to map storage capacity, organization growth, and cost per TB. These calculators also show you comparative stats for over-provisioning, disk failure protection, application storage, snapshot copies, and virtual copies.

You can also download a report, complete with all these figures.

You can click on the tabs on screen to read industry facts and figures on storage utilization and NetApp’s performance and payback guarantees.

That’s what NetApp’s Efficiency Blueprint does for you. It shows you a portfolio of storage efficiency technologies and how they can fit into your existing environment, making your IT faster, fitter, and more cost-effective.

Condensing days of work into just hours for you.


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