Search and thou shalt find

How a company that dropped off page 20 climbed back to the top

keynote_imageKeynote Systems is a market leader in online testing tools for mobile and web applications, an ideal scenario to encourage the onset of complacency – which is precisely what happened. The onset of various competitive products and services – offering longer free-trial windows (60 days) with instant reports and how-to videos combined with aggressive pricing – mushroomed practically overnight.

What put Keynote off most radars was dropping out of page 20 on Google search across key search words. Which is where Regalix came in to fix the problem – the old adage, out of sight, out of mind couldn’t have been more apt for Keynote Systems.





Regalix conducted a SWOT analysis, identified competition and began to track them. Relevant keywords were identified and an aggressive campaign was instituted online to bring Keynote back into the search results pages. Within the first 6 months, 5 keywords started to feature on page 1. This soon rose to 64 keywords and by the end of the 3rd year, 100 keywords featured on the first page.

This meant that Keynote had to spend less on paid ads and reduced the cost per opportunity. (The website saw a 91% increase in organic traffic during the course of the 3 years). In effect, Regalix had managed prospects ‘discover’ the brand though solutions-based keyword search and the website revamp was based on this premise.

Regalix continues to engage with Keynote Systems, making certain that you find them – on page 1.



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