Cyber Press for Cypress

Better brand recognition through online and offline press

cypress_image2A semi-conductor manufacturer rides on the reputation of the best product it puts to market. Imagine that in today’s digital world, the company maintains cyber silence – and worse, its flagship product gets negative press that goes viral. As a NASDAQ listed company, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation needed a quick fix, given that their products were performing well in the market and perceptions could very well bring down their market share, not to mention their market price.


Across their  mobile handsets, computation, data communications, automotive, industrial, consumer, and military market segments, Cypress had to connect. Their problem – the absence of a social and business online presence. Cypress also had plenty of user-related documentation that stakeholders could not easily access online, due to the format they were in. A parallel challenge, the brand’s star product-PSoC® showed negative feedback on the very first search result online which was a great blow to the brand. While the product mainly enjoyed great reviews, it was the negative opinion that displayed noticeably, sparked by a rare glitch as is the possibility with any product.

PSoC’s upgraded features and relevant information, published widely with search-friendly properties did increase sales of the popular product, proving our reputation management abilities.

Regalix was among the pioneers in making user-documents search engine friendly for greater online accessibility. To create a boom online, a dedicated team at Regalix was able to streamline scattered resources. For example, Cypress employees who were popular bloggers in various forums became brand champions on the platform Regalix created. Streamlining what could be popularized online and carrying out social media exercises not only established presence, it created greater visibility opportunities.

Regalix also mastered business intelligence for Cypress by identifying key publications and tracking competition in the industry domain. It was a PR exercise that helped analyze competition trends to accordingly plan the company’s marketing activities.

Addressing a key challenge and going beyond that, in this case to effectively aid marketing plans, is a trait Regalix is known to be associated with.


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