A Thousand Words

How CISCO took a video to the world

cisco_imageOut there, in the cloud, there was a bit of turbulence. A giant in cloud computing, Cisco, had just bought over Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller, and rebranded it as Cisco UCS Director. This was in 2012 and Cisco had in one fell swoop, managed a vendor lock-in problem. The tech world needed a breath of fresh air – how would the combined forces of CISCO and Cloupia aggregate to unleash their thunder?


The messaging was seemingly complex until Regalix was engaged – a team of five immediately set about ascertaining which way the wind blew in the cloud and created a marketing video predicting a storm in the marketplace – a depth of powerful solutions that had not been witnessed before.

Two disparate brand identities were fused into one. The Cisco UCS Director FlexPod had to be showcased with technical accuracy and interesting narrative. The Regalix team chose bold iconography and crisp editing to make a video- the ideal marketing tool for one of the larger IT shows in the US – VMworld, at which the video made its debut.  Over 20,000 IT professionals (representing Fortune 500 companies) viewed the message in a forum best suited to the context – a restless crowd to whom a picture would speak a thousand words. CISCO was, understandably, on cloud 9 and Regalix continues its engagement by producing marketing videos for its virtual computing and distributed data management teams.



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