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VMware distills engaging stories from complex virtualization technology

vmware_imageEngineers at the frontiers of technology know well the daunting challenges of talking about their work to lay audiences. VMware’s wizards were no different. But digital marketing consultant Regalix saw marketing stories in VMware’s breakthroughs. It helped create loads of pre-digested capsules that VMware customers, channel partners, and field engineers find they can’t do without.

Server virtualization dates back to the 1960s. But the term brings one company to mind – VMware – which towers over the virtualization scene worldwide.

Virtualization and, in particular, the software-defined data center – VMware’s core area of expertise – is a green concept that not only reduces enterprise spends on facilities, energy, equipment, and management but makes an organization’s IT infrastructure available 24/7 from any device anywhere.

Complex technology

The technology is highly complex. Its many benefits stem from the numerous nuances. VMware employees are passionate about the new and innovative Engineering marvels they build.

However, until a couple of years ago, VMware’s challenge lay in developing for customers, prospects, and channel partners the value propositions behind the technology. To market its breakthroughs, VMware needed to tell engaging stories to sales engineers and data center managers – not hand them a typical, tedious 500-page user guide.

Simple communication

Regalix thus offered to partner with VMware’s product marketing and tech pubs teams in creating easily digestible product walkthroughs (PWTs), demos, and ‘how-to’s – custom HTML5 apps accessible from any device.

They’ve made some 200-odd PWTs till date, covering software, applications, and hardware for enterprise, desktop, mobile devices, and cloud infrastructure.

Deployed globally, the PWTs are available round the clock in all international language versions.

The buzz created spread rapidly across the VMware internal-VAR-customer ecosystem. The PWTs are easy to navigate, have screenshots, step-by-step instructions, multilingual on-screen notes and annotations , and industry and technology facts. It takes viewers just minutes to learn about a topic.

Besides, language customization on a PWT is done with just a few clicks of a button.

vmware_text3Multiple stakeholder access

Users can download the apps from anywhere – on smart phones, tablets, laptops, and large touch screens. Sales engineers can watch them side by side with customers over sales calls – and help in selecting the infrastructure to buy. Data center teams can follow the simple guidelines and install, backup, restore, replicate, and configure software on the spot. Marketing teams can demo products at conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs.


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