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How data protection and recovery went beyond backup

arc_image1ARCserve is the market leader in providing complete protection, recovery and availability of physical and virtual system applications and data. They focus on simple, reliable protection, rapid disaster recovery and archiving, and virtual server backup techniques.  Having established their presence globally, ARCserve strives to go beyond backup to minimize system downtime and data loss.

In the changing dynamics of the digital world, one is only as good as their ability to be discovered by online searchers – especially through search engines. Although ARCserve is leading the market in data protection and recovery, they did not have the right strategy in place. Their lack of focus on ROI centric online marketing, campaign themes not strictly in line with business objectives, lack of best practices to achieve the desired results from search engines and absence of end-to-end analytics served as the basis for the solution offered to ARCserve by Regalix.

Based on the deep understanding of the backup and recovery domain, Regalix conducted an audit and identified opportunities to enhance digital properties and demand generation campaigns. It restructured ARCserve’s Paid Search campaigns and experimented with new themes to help them reach out to a larger market. Regalix focused high on quality and set up clear ROI expectations; also implementing 360 degree analytics to ensure timely and critical decision making. While ARCserve only focused on their branded campaigns, Regalix’s solution approach ensured a shared focus with non-branded campaigns to increase market size and capture more opportunities.

arc_textARCserve saw a 4x increase in conversions with an 83% decrease in CPA through the solutions and support offered by Regalix. The online strategy was aligned with business goals and integrated with events and webcasts. The market, which was highly competitive for core keywords, was obtained at low but effective bids. ARCserve’s engagement with Regalix established ROI centric campaigns; insights and data accuracy led to geo-specific strategies and intelligent use of budgets.


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