An Apple a day is music to the ears!

Enabling Apple Inc. to determine market clusters for setting up retail presence in India

Apple_imageHow does an iconic brand like Apple popularize iPods to an uninitiated Indian audience that would require concept selling? More importantly, and much more problematically, how can this be done without mentioning the hugely popular Apple Inc. brand name, looking at all the restrictions imposed by licensing policies and trade regulations in an Indian market which was not optimally geared towards such international business? This was the problem that Apple Inc. faced when they decided to turn to Regalix for a possible way out of the quandary.

It took 5 over-the-top youngsters at Regalix a week to hit upon the solution – cutting edge, literally. For the first time in India, the young ones moved the market to social media, which was just emerging then and was fast becoming the favorite haunt of the early adopters even at this nascent stage. It was also the first time that the concept of a microsite was not only mooted but set up as well, in just under 6 weeks, enabled for e-commerce, with TBWA the lead agency acting as the design control for creative.

The idea, in keeping with the Apple ethos, was frighteningly simple – ipodmylife – the microsite where Non Resident Indians (NRIs) could buy an iPod Shuffle and gift it to anyone in India. The site was marketed through targeted banners to an NRI database, painstakingly mined through various NRI forums. Fulfillment was completed by Apple Inc. authorized distributors across India.

Close monitoring of the site revealed marketing clusters that would later become important decision points for setting up a retail presence for Apple products in India. Today, Apple and iStore have grown from those initial forays into testing of the Indian market, to a 3500-strong formidable retail presence. Regalix as their first digital agency in India, is proud to be a part of that success story.


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