State of B2B Marketing Metrics And Analytics 2015

This report analyzes the current state of B2B marketing metrics and analytics, and provides marketers actionable insights to design programs that are measurable and focus on the decisions that will improve marketing performance. The report further talks about marketing metrics that matter most, benefits of marketing analytics, impact of marketing analytics on sales revenue, tools used, budget allocations, obstacles, and much more. This data will help marketers use analytics to optimize user experience and drive higher ROI.

KEY FINDINGS of B2B Marketing Metrics And Analytics 2015:

  • 84% marketers say they are currently investing in analytics
  • 70% marketers cited lack of resources to execute as the biggest obstacle to investing in analytics
  • 65% respondents say analytics has helped increase sales revenue by over 10%
  • 65% executives use analytics regularly for insights
  • 56% marketers expect their analytics budget to increase in the next 12 months