Post-Sales Content Marketing Trends 2013

With over 90,500 searches on Google every month, content marketing is soon moving from being just a hype to an established discipline. While the popularity of content marketing is yet to surpass Social Media Marketing which has around 300,000 searches a month, marketers are soon realizing the importance of content marketing and the need
to fit it in their traditional marketing mix.

Post-Sales Content Marketing Trends 2013 is a compilation of insights from senior B2B marketing professionals across US, Europe and Asia. The report provides insights into the latest content marketing strategies for post-sales stages. This report details our findings about which content tactics B2B marketing organizations are using, and which distribution channels are most effective in the after-sales cycle. This data will help CMO’s invest in the right content marketing tactics for executing their post-sales content marketing strategy.

Note We identified the six most significant post-sales stages for a B2B CMO: Aiding Consumption, Increasing Satisfaction, Activating Engagement, Ensuring Repurchase, Driving Loyalty and Enabling Advocacy, and analyzed content types and distribution mechanisms through the lens of these marketing objectives

Key Takeaways of Post Sales Content Marketing Trends 2013:

  • 99% of content marketing efforts in the post sales cycle are targeted to customers as opposed to partners, resellers and distributors.
  • 97% of B2B marketers believe that it is important to continue content marketing in the post sales cycle, only 82% of them currently use content marketing in this phase.
  • 63% of marketers claim that brand loyalty is the core benefit of a post-sales content marketing campaign.