The Social Video Starter Guide


Posted on July 18, 2014

Let’s just be honest here: the social video phenomenon is slowly taking over the world. With studies indicating that nearly 75% of all web traffic will be video-based by 2017, it’s clear that we are seeing a noticeable and important trend. No matter what type of business you are running, if you want to take advantage of this ever growing market, it will be important to understand what makes it so popular. As with any other form of social media, traditional marketing tactics won’t work well with this medium. If you really want to reach this crowd, you’ll have to understand what makes them such a valuable audience.

Social video is important because it allows people to interact with each other by sharing entertaining visual and audio content. Nobody wants to see a traditional advertisement in a video, and in fact most viewers tend to skip over them. What makes this market valuable is its ability to spread and improve brand awareness. As with other social networks, you’ll get the most out of these video sites if you focus more on selling your brand and less on selling a product or service.

Depending on the message you want to send, it will be important to choose the right social video site for your brand. Whether you want access to the biggest audience on YouTube, the high quality streaming video on Vimeo or the bite sized format of Vine, this helpful infographic (provided by will explain everything you need to know to make the right choice for your business. Don’t let one of the most valuable markets on the internet pass you by, take advantage of the online video revolution and start marketing your brand to larger and more impressive audiences with the help of this handy starter guide.

Contributed by Megan M. Ritter

Infographic by Megan Marie Ritter