Simon Westbrook


Simon Westbrook brings extensive company-building, operations, and finance experience to Regalix. Throughout his career, Simon has been involved in three initial public offerings, two secondary public offerings, multiple public and private M&A transactions, and countless rounds of venture capital and angel financing.

He is the founder of Aargo Inc, a company specializing in financial consulting services. Prior to joining Aargo, Simon was CFO of Amber Networks, Inc., and the Chief Financial Officer at Sage, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAGI), a Silicon Valley company specializing in flat panel displays. Before joining Sage, he held a number of senior financial positions at Creative Technology (NASDAQ: CREAF), a leading PC multimedia company, and Atari Corp (AMEX: ATC), the video game and home computer company, both in the USA and overseas. At various times, he has held positions as an advisory board member of the Silicon Valley Financial Executives Institute, and various technology start-up companies where he has assisted in strategic planning, fund raising and team development.

Simon is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters in Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University.