Babla Sharan

SVP, Global Operations

Babla Sharan brings more than 23 years of experience across a varied spectrum viz. Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Mobility Solutions, Value Added Services, Social Enterprise and Micro-product Distribution.

He had a long stint of more than 20 years with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where he incubated several global initiatives and brought them to a critical business mass. He founded the Wireless & Pervasive Technologies Practice in TCS, and drove strategy, knowledge management, and overall delivery in the space of enterprise solutions. He was also responsible for setting up and leading the VAS, SDP & Mobility Solutions Unit at TCS.

Babla was also a co-founder of BASIX Sub-K iTransactions Ltd, which focused on building a cutting-edge pan-India rural distribution network to provide micro-digital products to the remotest of villages at an affordable price. After Sub-K, Babla co-founded BinSquare, with a purpose of delivering digital services to the ground through internal and external partners.

As Senior Vice President – Global Operations, Babla will focus on bringing innovation, predictability, quality and scale to the organization worldwide – by integrating technology, people and process perspectives.