2014 Marketing Automation trends unveiled for B2B Marketers by Regalix

May 15, 2014, Palo Alto, CA: Marketing Automation systems which were used primarily for email automation have now become sophisticated platforms capable of transforming organizations’ revenue generating capacity. The State of Marketing Automation 2014 report is designed to help marketers understand how to unleash the true potential of Marketing Automation. It explores the manner in which Marketing Automation platforms are used by marketers today, including the challenges faced and the benefits reaped post-implementation. Most importantly, it equips marketers with all the information they’ll need to implement or evaluate investing in an automation system.

Andrew Steele, Senior Vice President-Emerging Business, Regalix said, “Marketing Automation is becoming increasingly essential for marketing success. It has seen the highest growth rate in the past five years and it has changed from being a system to automate emails to being a sophisticated system for attracting, nurturing, engaging and retaining customers.” He further adds, “Our State of Marketing Automation Report revealed an important insight that marketers are no longer viewing or treating Marketing Automation technologies as mere systems to automate and manage emails, rather these sophisticated systems are being used to manage cross-channel campaigns and deliver personalized targeted experiences to customers.”

The top findings of the report include:

Detailed Findings:

Findings of the report include usage, benefits and adoption rates of automation platforms by B2B companies, an analysis on the current challenges plaguing effective deployment, vendor and capability analysis, along with actionable tips on using marketing automation platforms in the most optimum manner.



Outlined below is a brief overview of the top three benefits cited by B2B marketers in the survey:


Marketers reported a number of roadblocks preventing them from either implementing or realizing the full potential of their automation systems.

Measurement and ROI

Marketers were found to be using a combination of different metrics to determine the performance of marketing automation systems:

Leading Marketing Automation Tools and Features

More than 110 vendor choices are available for Marketing Automation systems. However, the survey demonstrated clear market domination in terms of usage and preference for some vendors over others. The top three vendors dominating market share for automation systems are Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot.

Some features are given more weightage than others while evaluating vendors and solutions.


For a detailed set of recommendations, download the complete report here http://bit.ly/1fFhmeb 


The survey was conducted by Regalix Inc, and respondents included CMOs and mid-level marketing professionals from leading B2B companies. 

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