Growth Through Co-Innovation

Since 1998, a team of entrepreneurs have been diligently going about the business of improving your business in the digital world, under the aegis of Regalix – an award winning global co-innovation company.

That entrepreneurial streak is still alive keeping us fast on our feet, eager to invent and learn while staying firmly connected, as well as committed, with our digital domain.

Our co-innovation lab hand-holds you through the complete lifecycle of product development right from conceptualization to online outreach and marketing (sometimes, with an offline twist) through our acceleration module – while keeping a firm grip on business viability as well as market opportunities.

From providing market intelligence, to formulating campaigns, involving search, social, mobile, content, multi-channel campaigns, technology development and analytics – we go the whole nine yards with gratifying results. Through our client partnerships, we have brought new ideas to life: envisioning new companies, developing brands, engineering products and designing technology platforms and apps.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, our global team is always ready to understand your problem and make it ours to resolve.

Know more about our work through our customer stories.